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About Your Groomer

My name is Kelly and I have been grooming over 22 years.  I started as a bather for a corporate store where I worked my way up.  I was trained under a Master Stylist who demanded perfection and precision.  After becoming a groomer, I became the spouse of a veteran, and have worked throughout various parts of the United States constantly striving to improve my ability and honing my skills and craft.  It was when I moved to San Diego, I was fortunate enough to work for two sisters that shared the same love and passion for grooming.  After moving overseas, I had the opportunity to open up my own home-based grooming business.  This allowed me to learn even more, not only about grooming, but myself too.  Now that I'm back stateside, I strive to offer my clients personalized services for their pet while styling each pet to their unique personality.

  I have continued to further my education and training by attending seminars and workshops.  

About The Business

KM Curbisde Grooming started as Pet Grooming by Kelly while living overseas in Guam.  This was my first venture into being a business owner, I learned so much.  I was working as a home-based groomer,  I knew I wanted to offer my clients personalized attention and service.  I noticed how calm and responsive dogs were when they were they only ones in the shop and all the external noise was taken away.  Dogs that had previously been reactive were suddenly enjoying the grooming process.  While I was Guam I was introduced to mobile grooming by a colleague.  The idea seemed foreign to me at the time, but I knew I needed to learn more.  Returning stateside to South Carolina allowed me to begin work in a mobile setting, where I have come to understand the convenience and personalized service my colleague had been talking about.  I knew I wanted to offer mobile grooming to my clients.  KM Curbside Grooming is personalized curbside grooming for your furry friends.  All of my clients have a tailored groom package catered specifically to their pet, including all inclusive services to ensure they receive the absolute best treatment.  

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