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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why does mobile grooming cost so much more than taking my pet to the salon?

-There are a number of factors, namely I am bringing a full service grooming salon to your front door.  In addition, I use professional grade products to achieve requested stylized groom.

2. What do I need to provide the day of my pet's appointment; do you need power and water?

- I am completely self contained with my  own water tanks and are powered by generator (yes they are quiet).  On the rare occasion where the generator may not work, I will work to reschedule your appointment at the soonest convenience.

3. I have a long driveway, can you pull in?

-No, I am curbside convenience.  I will not maneuver the trailer up or down a driveway, narrow alleys, or parallel park.  Likewise, I need a minimum of 10 feet in height clearance and at least 100 feet of legal clear curbside space.  Please ensure all low hanging trees and branches are removed.

4. Can I stay with my pet while you are grooming?

-No, it is not safe.  Your pet will be more focused on you (the pet parent) rather than paying attention to what is happening on the grooming table.  In addition, insurance does not allow it.

5. What happens if my pet is injured during the grooming process?

-Great question, I try my best to avoid nicks during the grooming process.  Sometimes accidents can happen, even with the best safety precautions in place.  I will administer first aid.  If the injury requires more than basic first aid, I will transport your pet to the clinic or hospital for care.  KM Curbside Grooming will pay for any required treatment directly related to the grooming process.  

6. Why do I need to show you proof of Rabies Vaccine before you groom my pet?  

-South Carolina state law requires all pets be current on their rabies vaccine; KM Curbside Grooming follows South Carolina state law.  Pets with an expired rabies vaccine will be refused services.  

7. My pet is too old or the vet has said the rabies vaccine will do more harm than good to my pet.  Will you still groom my pet?

-This will be handled on a case by case basis at the groomers discretion.  Please email me at

8. I will not be home during my pets scheduled arrival window, can you still groom my pet?

-Pets with an established good relationship, on a regular schedule and with at least 3 grooms on record with KM Curbside Grooming may be eligible for latch key service.  Please email me to work out details at 

9. My dog is old and can't stand up for their groom anymore, will you groom my dog?

-Possibly, each dog is unique in what is required for their grooming needs.  Pets that require an additional person either due to age or behavior will incur an additional fee for special handling. 

10.  My pet needs "happy pills" to be groomed, can you work with that?

-No, pets requiring mood altering medication for behavior management during  grooming will be refused services.  Types of mood altering medications include but are not limited to; Acepromazine, Xanax, Trazadone, etc.  If during the grooming process it is discovered the pet is on mood altering medication for behavior management, grooming will immediately cease and full grooming charges will still be applied.

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