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Palmetto Pet First Aid

South Carolina's first professional first aid and cpr instruction for your pets. We proudly offer the Pet Tech Program and method of instruction for all dog and cat owners. If you have interaction with dogs and cats, you should a basic working knowledge of what to do in a crisis situation.  

Meet Your Instructor

My name is Kelly and I am a Pet Tech First Aid and CPR instructor.  Pet Tech is the first international training center dedicated to CPR, First Aid and Care for dogs and cats.  We use a combination of presentation, skills demonstration, and hand on practice that will give you the knowledge and confidence you need to make a difference in your pets life.  Its not if, but when you have a care situation; having the skills needed to act appropriately.  This instructional class is designed for pet parents and pet care professionals to enhance their abilities and set them apart.  

I have been grooming over 22 years and worked in countless shops around the United States and abroad.   I have witnessed accidents and injuries, not only to my personal pets but also within the grooming salon.  The one tool I wish I would have had years ago, is the ability to act appropriately in a crisis situation.  

It is my mission to bring knowledge and awareness to pet parents and pet professionals alike.  Together with the tools, we can help prevent and assist our pets when they need it.  

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